Bear fat and bileare highly effective natural remedies, known to traditional medicine for a long time...

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My name is Navrotsky Dmitry.
I have been professionally engaged in brown bear hunting in the Kamchatka Territory for 15 years. This type of activity is licensed, and is conducted in strict accordance with the norms and rules established in Russian Federation. The hunting areas are located in an ecologically clean territories of the peninsula, far from civilization and human life, and can only be reached by helicopter or specialized vehicles (snowmobiles, ATV).

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A tincture of bear bile, consisted of 5 - 10g of dry bear bile in 500-750ml of 40% alcohol (vodka), can be used to prevent the development of oncological diseases, to increase immunity and vitality, as a treatment for gastritis, reflux, cholecystitis, gallbladder polyps, biliary dyskinesia, colitis, heart diseases, hypertension, hemorrhoids and other non-serious diseases.

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