Do you have representatives in other cities?

We have no representatives, we work without intermediaries, we send orders only from Petropalovsk-Kamchatsky, which guarantees the quality and exclusivity of our goods. There is a delivery point in Vladivostok.

Can you give recommendations for the treatment of long-healing pressure ulcers with bear bile?

We do not know the exact recipe for the treatment of pressure ulcers, but as an option, we would recommend bile with internal fat. That is, when cutting the bear, the gall sac is removed, and the internal fat cut into small pieces is placed in it, and after a week we have an ointment. For example, it helps with psoriasis, as grandfathers say.

Do you have any examples of bear bile cure for gallbladder polyps? I would not like to do the operation at all. And is it possible to combine the intake of bile with herbs (celandine and chamomile)?

We have no particular examples of cure with bear bile with such a diagnosis. But we can say that people buy bile, also for treatment of diseases associated with the formation of polyps. Medicinal herbs will not interfere with this either. But we would recommend to consult a doctor if there is a diagnosis that requires surgery. And we can also report that according to our customers, bile actively helps to get rid of cholesterol polyps.

How to keep bear bile tincture correctly? Refrigerator or room temperature?

Store the bear bile tincture in a dark place. No matter if it is in a refrigerator or in a room - choose whatever is more convenient for you. The main rule is that there is no source of sunlight.

I need bear bile for the treatment of epilepsy, especially fresh and liquid. Is it possible?

Liquid and accordingly fresh bear bile is available for shipment only from the opening of the hunt, and this is approximately from April 25 to May 2.

Specify, please, how much bile (gr.) is contained in the 0.5l tincture you offer worth 10,000 rubles?

With a gall sac weighing 100g. we use two liters of pharmacy alcohol (70%), 25g. in 0.5l of alcohol.

Please tell me how much dry bile is in one capsule?

One capsule contains approximately 0.12 - 0.16 g. of bear bile.

Tell me please, how many capsules are in the jar? And do you send bear bile to Crimea?

One can contains 60 capsules, i.e. the number of capsules is calculated for one course (one capsule per day). And what about sending to the Crimea - yes, of course we do! This is Russian territory, delivery is carried by Russian Post.

Is the tincture of bear bile colorless?

Tincture of bear bile cannot be colorless, because bear bile itself, its main component, is opaque. Therefore, the color of the tincture looks almost black, and if you drop it on a white sheet of paper, then it is black-green.

Tell me, please, when will bear fat be on sale?

Bear fat will be after the autumn hunting at the end of November.

How can I test bear bile?

You can check bear bile only by passing it to the laboratory for analysis, about 150 grams (the bile sac is not returned), and paying 45,000 rubles, as it was in our case. And on my own behalf, I will say that all documents, licenses, veterinary certificate, CITES, etc. does not give a 100% guarantee that you will buy real bear bile! If you decide to buy bear bile, I recommend buying it only from hunters, which will minimize the risk of buying a fake!