Historically, Kamchatka was considered a bearish land. Kamchatka brown bear is the largest predator of the Russian forest. Its dimensions are about 240-270 centimeters, sometimes it is bigger than 3 meters. Nowadays the highest number of bears per square kilometer of territory is registered in Kamchatka. Every year the Agency for the Wildlife Protection and Usage allocates about 1200 permissions (licenses) for hunting brown bears in Kamchatka. Despite this number, the bear population in Kamchatka is not declining. After obtaining a license for an adult individual, the hunting takes place in a strictly allocated period of time. Usually this is from April 25 to May 25 and from August 20 to November 30. After the end of the hunt, bile and interior fat are prepared for sale. All the necessary documents are drawn up: certificates of veterinary services, certificates and declarations of conformity, which confirm the safety of using the offered products.